Business segments

The Fogmakers system on multiple markets

Fogmaker high pressure water mist is very efficient for extinguishing fires in multiple areas. This makes our product intresting for a wide customer base.

The water mist gives an immediate choking and quickly cooling effect. Unique for the water mist is the fact that it fills the entire fire-protected area and access fire beds outside the direct spreading area of the nozzles. The total life span cost of Fogmaker suppression systems is low compared with competing systems. Our system is very reliable and adapted for demanding environments. A large service network guarantees fast actions..

Safety requirement for automatic fire suppression system in vehicles exist in many places around the world since several years, and in more and more countries, insurance companies and operators, are being added to the list.

We are market leaders for fire suppression systems for buses with 135,000 installations since 1995. In 2016 we were the first fire suppression system who was approved according to R107. In total we have carried out more than 173,00 installations worldwide.

Today our main business segments are:
•Mining and tunneling
•Material handling
•Airport GSE
•Motor racing

Fogmaker has installed fire suppression systems in other areas except vehicles. Spare power generators in hospitals is one example.

Fogmaker’s technology, using high-pressure water mist provides the right conditions to combat the complex conditions that may arise in an engine compartment.

Fogmakers fire suppession system is constantly ready to act, independent of human interaction, vehicle position and vehicle activity. Considering all these aspects it is proven, after more than 160,000 installation, that high pressure water mist is a superior suppression technique in an engine compartment to strongly limit the consequences of a vehicle fire.