Fogmaker system

The challange - the complexities, dangers and physical aspects of engine fires.

A fire in an unprotected engine compartment is hard to detect in time and often develops in intensity extremely quickly. This type of fire is almost impossible to fight with a portable fire extinguisher. Because of this, the need for safety regulations has increased over the past years leading to the installation of completely automatic and permanent fire suppression systems for motor engines and other enclosed areas. This has spread to more and more countries, insurance agencies and manufacturers/operators throughout the world.

An important point to bear in mind is what the physical aspects of a fire are. The impact of the heat, oxygen and fuel, all need to be anticipated and dealt with accordingly. These three elements of a fire are often symbolised by the fire triangle. Removing one side of the triangle may be sufficient to extinguish a fire, but because of the complicated nature of a fire in the engine compartment there are no guarantees, reignition may still occur. That is why a fire suppression system with a so-called triple effect that attacks all three sides of the fire triangle at the same time is the safest and most logical method that can be used to minimise downtime, improve service continuity and protect human life.

The Fogmaker fire suppression is a professional and reliable system. A fire suppression system with high-pressure water mist for engine compartments or other closed areas. High-pressure water mist has excellent cooling performance and oxygen displacement. The cooling effect by using water mist is outstanding with a temperature loss of around 700 oC within 10 seconds. A decrease of the oxygen level occur also because of the expansion of water steam when water evaporates into water steam. A small amount of foam additive prevents hydro-carbon vapours to re-ignite. The Fogmaker systems can be installed in any engine room or enclosed area and Fogmaker works on multiple markets.

Why Fogmaker?
• Fogmaker fire suppression system is normally installed in less than one working day. The installation is carried out by our own travelling Field Engineers or by one of our many certified installers available all over the world.
• Triple Action³ – attacks all three sides of the fire triangle
• Simplicity – no power supply, position independent, minimal obstruction
• Low LCC (Life Cycle Cost)– annual inspection, 5 year service
• Minimal clean up after the system has been triggered
• System monitoring – activity, low pressure and fire alarm
• Automatic engine shutdown optional
• Product development in-house
• Global network for service/installations via Partners who are certified according to Fogmaker Traning Academy program.